Harriet Robbins

After arriving in Los Angeles in the early 1940's from New York, Harriet became involved with the prestigious Actors Lab where she gained a love for theatre as well as film. Shortly thereafter she found herself in San Francisco where she again became involved with theatre at the Labor Theatre putting together productions for the United Nations. In the early 50's she returned to L.A. and the Hollywood scene with her husband Sam. After being hired by an independent distribution label as an accountant, she soon found herself promoted to acquisitions director and began a yearly whirlwind tour visiting the markets at many film festivals around the world including Cannes, Toronto and Montreal. It was during this phase of her career that she was introduced to so many directors and actors of international acclaim that she focused on the promotion of foreign film in particular.

After leaving the world of distribution and the business side of film, she found a liking for writing about the films she saw and decided that she would continue promotion through film criticism. After having many articles and reviews accepted by several Los Angeles based media outlets, she was voted into the Los Angeles Film Critics Association in the early 1980's where she has been engaging readers since. Harriet has been involved with so many special events and projects in the L.A. area over the years, including promotion of local festivals (Filmex, for those who remember), special venues (she was responsible for bringing many films to the attention of the owners and operators of the Fox Venice theatre when it was THE venue for international fare in Los Angeles), working with the UCLA Film & Television Archives “Critics Choice” program which brought light to projects from people like directors Charles Burnett & Slobodan Sijan among others. Harriet resides in West L.A. with her husband Sam where they continue to watch new film nightly, their greatest love (second only to their grandchildren).



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