Meet the Critics
Justin Lowe
Justin Lowe is a Hollywood Reporter film critic and entertainment journalist with an emphasis on independent, international and documentary features who contributes to both print and online media outlets. His reviews covering the Sundance, South by Southwest, Toronto, Tribeca, Tunisia, and San Francisco International film festivals have appeared in a variety of publications and been syndicated internationally by Reuters and the Associated Press. As a reporter, Lowe has written features and cover stories on acclaimed filmmakers and screenwriters for Filmmaker and Creative Screenwriting magazines.

Some of his other credits include IndieWire, AsianWeek, and Entertainment Today, and he formerly served as a staff writer on the weekly TV program Cinema AZN on Comcast. Lowe began his entertainment journalism career in the San Francisco Bay Area and has participated on juries for the City of Lights, City of Angels (COLCOA), Los Angeles Asian Pacific and other film festivals. His reporting on a variety of different topics has also been featured in the San Francisco Chronicle, Mother Jones, In These Times, and Earth Island Journal.