Meet the Critics
Ray Greene
Ray Greene is a multi-award winning author, journalist and documentarian. An internet pioneer, Greene created and oversaw the first comprehensive film information website, BOXOFFICE.COM, from its launch in January, 1994 through December of 1997. For REEL.COM, Greene conceived, produced and hosted the first three film-related streaming web series: "Word of Mouth" (1997), "Face to Face" (1997) and "Opening Night" (1998). Greene is an Emmy-nominated documentarian, and the producer-director of the cult documentary features "Vampira and Me" (2012) and "Schlock the Secret History of American Movies" (2001). Greene is the recipient of four awards from the LA Press Club for his investigative journalism, including three in 2018, when he claimed the top prizes in both the "Investigative" and "Lifestyle Feature" categories for separate radio exposés. "Hollywood Migraine" (2001), Greene's book about cinema in the 1990s, was an L.A. Times Bestseller. Greene has written for the LA Times, SALON, the Wrap, BOXOFFICE,, Turner Classic Movies, and the New York Times syndicate, among many others.