Meet the Critics
Wade Major
Wade Major is a veteran screenwriter, producer and film journalist. He presently serves as editor-in-chief of entertainment site and appears regularly on NPR affiliate KPCC's FilmWeek program. He is also producer/host of the longstanding DigiGods podcast, as well as a regular guest on KABC radio and KNBC television. Previously a Senior Film Critic at Boxoffice Magazine, his work has been featured in such publications as the Los Angeles Times, the New York Daily News, and His writing has also been featured in a variety of books on Hong Kong Cinema (e.g. “Jackie Chan,” “Hollywood East”) as well as the anthology “Brian De Palma: Interviews." He has recorded dozens of DVD and Blu-ray audio commentaries for such films as Takashi Miike's "Gozu," the cult classic "Master of the Flying Guillotine," Andre Techiné's "Barocco" and "The Brontë Sisters,” James Ivory’s “Howards End” and Costa-Gavras' "Amen.” Wade is also the producer of the award-winning documentary “Schlock: The Secret History of American Movies” and producer/director of festival hits “Sculptress” and “Sea Servant.” He holds a degree in Film and Television from UCLA.