Meet the Critics
William Bibbiani
William Bibbiani is a Los Angeles film critic, born and raised, who dedicates his career to raising awareness about movie history, contextualizing contemporary films and standing up for underdog cinema. His writing credits include The Wrap, Fangoria, IGN, Bloody-Disgusting, Coming Soon, and He also co-hosts and co-produces the podcasts on The Critically Acclaimed Network, including Critically Acclaimed (new movie reviews), Canceled Too Soon (TV shows that lasted one season or less), Episode Zero (classic films that inspired modern blockbusters), and more. In addition to his writing and podcasts, William Bibbiani has been featured on KCRW’s Press Play, NPR’s All Things Considered, What The Flick?! on The Young Turks Network, The Movie Trivia Schmoedown and multiple Blu-ray commentary tracks.
William  Bibbiani